Special color of the jewelry lighting - color COB
2017-11-17 10:42:26

Before we talk about how important a particular color point is, let's take a look at what is a BIN area with jewelry lighting as an example.

What is the BIN area?

LED industry generally based on ANSI standard color temperature file, according to X / Y axis color tolerance range will be divided into color blocks, also known as BIN area. The BIN zone is the only reference to the specific light color.

The figure above is based on the conventional white light LED color temperature range, by calculating the coordinates of the X / Y axis color difference of the BIN region.

Each BIN zone has a different light color attribute. The color distribution of the light follows the color cast tendency of the chromatogram. Center black body runs through all the white color segments. The black body line was: the upper right light yellowish color, the right lower right orange, greenish left upper left blueish purple. Different color cast jewelry show different results.

Jewelry lighting design as an important part of interior design, lighting effects are good or bad, a direct impact on the space effect is presented. Jewelry stores for quite a long time just one-sided pursuit of light enough "bright", and simply to improve the illumination is wrong, luxury jewelry and other high-end display is not desirable. A good light environment by the light color, illumination, sense of space, color, three-dimensional sense, anti-glare, stability and other factors and constraints, especially jewelery requirements of the light environment is high, and the impact of light environment The main factor is the light color, the light color.

The jewelry itself is not shiny, except for some gems that have a fluorescent or phosphorescent effect. Therefore, businesses often have to choose artificial lighting lighting, different colors of jewelry have different requirements, so according to the type of jewelry with a reasonable light color.


Insiders know that the common color temperature jewelry section has 4 files. Warm white, neutral, white and cool white. However, whether you have noticed that the same color temperature hit jewelry shop lighting effects are also different. Why use the same two jewelry shops, the same color temperature, a jewelry vivid, luxurious atmosphere, people have a strong desire to buy, while another jewelry is dead, there is no Aura, resulting in a customer desire to buy it?


The use of cold white light for the overall lighting, highlighting the noble diamond

It is the same color temperature that caused all this and the different BIN regions. There are many types of jewels, the unique colors of each jewel, the uniqueness of the product attributes, and the unique need for light colors. Depending on the material properties, each type of jewelry requires special and specialized light colors to achieve the best lighting effect for jewelry.
This result we call the color cast jewelry lighting, and this kind of color cast light of the BIN area, we call the jewelry special color point.
Special color point of great significance
Special color point is located below the blackbody radiation curve color point, the English Blow Black Body Line, referred to as "BBBL".
The RPI Lighting Research Center (LRC) and the lighting Resarch Center also call such color points white body lines.

Note: Not BBL "Black Body Line", is the white body line "white body line" (as shown in the red line part of the color temperature chart above).
In the past, the lighting industry generally used the traditional CRI color rendering index as a measure of light quality. However, the CRI only measures the color rendering of the light source and is not directly related to the human visual experience. Since 2002, the Center for Lighting Research at Rensselaer Polytechnic University (LRC) has studied the color quality of light sources with the support of the ASSIST Foundation and eventually succeeded in developing Class A Color). Through long-term research, scientists successfully cracked the human brain to accept the principle of white light. According to the principle that the human brain judges "the best color" white light source according to color and tone, LRC and ASSIST co-developed and released Class A, redefining the high-quality light source according to human perception. Class A Chromatography excels in brightness and naturalness due to its broader spectrum of chromatograms and saturation, which outlines the "whitest" white light that people feel comfortable with.

LRC and ASSIST used psychophysical experiments to understand the preferences of white light sources seen by observers and found that they liked the feeling of object colors in white or light colors of the light source. Jean Paul Freyssinier, a senior researcher at LRC, a lighting research center, said: "We used a very comprehensive sample (including samples from Asia) to test Class A chromatography, adjust its spectrum multiple times to ensure its natural tone and The combination of brightness makes people feel happy.75% of testees said that with Class A color spectrum of the light source has the best color depth and saturation, is a consistent lighting, will never be disappointing. "


Comparison of test results LRC's study found:

                                The same pearl necklace, different lighting, whether the right necklace feel more full, shiny?

The standard color BBL and special color BBBL white, the performance of color is very different. Black body radiation curve The following white body line of special color points: white more pure and clear exposure, the color is more beautiful and bright. Jewelry lighting effects, gold is more distinguished atmosphere. White diamonds more pure. Colored diamonds, jade even more brilliant eye-catching. Platinum, silver jewelry even more luxurious and noble.