Rotating color bigger and stronger, pay attention to what
2017-10-16 14:40:34

To do big business, quality, integrity, talent and management of the most important. Quality is the core, honesty is fundamental, talent is a guarantee, management is a magic weapon, with four elements, the brand will naturally be established.

Recently appeared in the market a lot of shoddy low prices of light (0.3-0.5 yuan in the market there 1W light), its main approach is to use 0.5W chip 1W use, and second, the procurement of wafer , Scattered films posing as the use of films, the third is the purchase of low quality, there is no guarantee of auxiliary materials processing light source, these packaged lamp beads in the short term, may be active in the market, bringing a false market boom, but with The gradual standardization of the market as well as the improvement of customer's rational demand, the pursuit of low prices at the same time, the quality of LED products must be the primary factor for customers to consider, so establish a sense of quality and create quality enterprises in the future enterprises must take the road, or will gradually Will be eliminated by the market, a product without quality will not be accepted by the market.

Steady and healthy development of enterprises, can not do without integrity management. We do the market, we would rather not do without the profit of the order (unless the strategic customer), we can not choose to cut corners without losing the order. We, at Whirlpool, have always believed that losing an order does not mean losing a customer, but if you shoddy profits by shoddy costs, you end up losing an entire order instead of an order. The pursuit of common development with customers is our business philosophy, and now the competition is not actually the competition between the packaging company and the packaging company, but not the competition between individuals and several enterprises, but a supply chain and another supply chain Therefore, the alliance between upstream and downstream is very crucial. This joint premise is integrity management. In the event of breach of integrity, one day will be squeezed out of the "chain."

The sustainable development of enterprises is inseparable from the cultivation of qualified personnel, good products need good management.