Corporate culture: global trust, LED light to light the new world.

Business faith: Because of professional, so trust.

Corporate mission: 

    1. For customers, providing customers with quality products.

    2. For employees, respect the value of employees, and create a fair and reasonable working environment to help employees grow.

    3. For enterprises, sincere unity and mutual cooperation to achieve sustained growth of enterprises.

    4. For the community, return to the business community

Corporate values: 

    customer first, integrity, responsibility, teamwork, creativity, specialization.

Business philosophy: 

    1. To create profits for customers

    2. To create the future for employees

    3. Create profits for the enterprise

    4. To create value for society

Product concept: one percent negligence is one hundred percent loss

Development concept: brighter, more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly

Management thinking: Jing Bing Jian Zheng, sincere unity, excellence, sincere cooperation.

Management mode: management rationalization, system standardization, work standardization.

Our concept of talent: loyalty to the enterprise, to create value, to achieve their dreams.

Our work style: meticulous, pay attention to efficiency, rigorous and practical.

Our personal accomplishment: good with others, polite people, considerate of others.

Our staff precepts: I am born for success, I come from victory.

Our business motto: Innovation is the fundamental, quality is the fundamental, pragmatic is the purpose, efficiency is the goal.