Shenzhen Xun Cai Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, more than 10 years experience in packaging high-end LED. SWOT focuses on the high-end COB light source for commercial lighting and offers a range of lighting solutions for commercial lighting applications. In the field of high-end commercial lighting, good lighting products contribute to the better presentation of goods, richer color performance, enhance the value of goods, with the popularity of LED, in the pursuit of brightness and light efficiency, the quality of the light More and more diverse, the color and the color of the glazing has a high standard of quality requirements, the pursuit of a more beautiful, richer and more comfortable product categories, the development of high-color MOON series, NOVA series of high-efficiency, the use of high-density LED packaging technology, With high-density light to show a stronger column of visual effects, improve color saturation than the original color is more bright, suitable for shop lighting. Art galleries, studio, etc., as LED COB focus, the color in line with customer needs Oriented, the pursuit of quality color glazing, a more vivid interpretation of the irradiation space and goods, an unprecedented increase the value of lighting to create a new value of light.